“Psalt-E”  is a singer/songwriter/Worship Leader and Rapper who was born in Fort Hood Texas. Her family relocated to Rochester, NY at 5yrs old In 2002 her family relocated to Syracuse NY where she currently resides. The name Psalt-E (pronounced “salty”) includes deep spiritual influence coming from the scripture Matthew 5:13 which talks about being the salt of the earth. 

Psalt-e the artist celebrates her “psaltiness” as paying homage to God for preserving such a unique flavor that she almost gave away trying to fit into conformity of the standards of this world. Psalt-E found her true flavor and spends every day as a living testimony living this truth as transparently as possible. Psalt-E’s musical background spans over a wide-range of genres from classical and jazz to christian, pop and r&b. She has studied with Patricia Alexander (mother of world-renowned opera singer Renee Fleming) at the Eastman school of music and has also been involved with of several local ministries and music groups throughout the Syracuse area and has also opened for Gospel legend Luther Barnes. Her ability to sing in many different genres proves Psalt-E to be a well-balanced vocalist with a deep love for music.

Her sound can be described as “real life music with a God message” Whether churched, de-churched, or unchurched, saved, or unsaved, Psalt-E’s music offers her spin on life’s situations and personal experiences and offers genuine understanding as well as encouragement from the person that may be dealing with the same issues to the person who is in a good place in life while pushing the message of embracing and loving the person you are. (Your psalt-e imprint) In October of 2016 Psalt-E released her very first single “Don’t Count me Out” #DCMO, a fun anthem that reminds people not to “count out” the good work that God has begun and promises to complete in us.

In 2019 Psalt-E released her 1st EP titled “The Psalt-EP. Psalt-E is the winner of several awards and accomplishments that include: “Pressing Towards your Vision” showcase winner in 2017, “Pressing Towards your Vision” Holy Hip-Hop artist of the year in 2019, The very 1st winner of the Regional Artist Choice Award through the Gospel Industry Network ( The G.I.N.) in 2021 and the PrayzeFactor Awards Rhythm and Gospel Solo Artist of the year in 2021.

Psalt-E hopes to inspire the world with her music and convey the beauty in loving yourself just the way you were created to be while knowing there is someone that will love you unconditionally no matter how imperfect you are. “Be you, ‘cause if you aren’t, who will be?”