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Who is Psalt-e?

Smooth vocals, hard hitting beats, and powerful worship are only a few phrases that describe my music. Click the link below to learn more!

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5 months ago

Psalt Naytion stand up!
Psalt-E has been nominated for another award in 7 categories!


5 months ago

Happy "Love Day" Psalt Naytion!

If ur happy and boo'd up enjoy it with the one you love and cherish every moment! Be grateful for beautiful healthy love. It really is a gem to be cherished if you ... See more

5 months ago

Thank you Lord for being MY EVERYTHING!

5 months ago

Sangeth lil baby! 😍

Every LITTLE thing and the BIG ones too!
Is gonna be alright!

Joy all 2021!

I am telling you, this is my Bob Marley song.

5 months ago

@asharpjay made this for me a while back. Lol!

5 months ago

I love you God.

So grateful for the journey!

Not being who I was...constantly striving for true Joy that is your strength.

Thank you for your love Jesus!

5 months ago

5 months ago

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